My Health Journey

A nutritional re-balancing system changed my health in April 2017 when I said yes to "Me". I needed 3 things when I was looking for something to repair and maintain my health. I wanted something that was EASY to do, GOOD for my body, and MAINTAINABLE .

I suffered with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Osteoarthritis and a hormone imbalance do to menopause.  I had gained 2o lbs in a very short period of time and was at an all time low in my energy and was beginning to suffer with depression.  I had discovered this health system from a friend on facebook and had several conversations with her as I was very skeptical from past experiences. I decided that I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, so i called her up and got started right away!!! In 8 days i had lost 5.2 lbs. My husband 10.2 lbs and 11 inches!  with in 2 weeks I was feeling free from the discomforts of most of my I had to share my story. As well my husband was able to come off his blood pressure medication and his stress levels began to decrease as his body began to do some repair at a cellular level.

I want to share this with others in hopes of helping even 1 person find that better version of themself!! It is so much more than weight loss! Just ask me how!