Reiki Level One

Embark on one of the most profound spiritual journeys of the ancient healing art of Reiki. In this class you will learn:

  • Reiki history
  • Power symbols
  • Attunements
  • The reiki hand positions
  • The reiki principles
  • Chakra discussion
  • Self treatment hand positions & treatment
  • Treating others hand positions & treatment
  • Reiki manual
  • Certificate
Michelle Miller Reiki Master Saskatoon

Reiki Level Two

In this Reiki Level Two Class you will learn:

  • Mental & emotional symbols
  • Distance healing symbols
  • Group healing
  • Hand positions for specific problems
  • Reiki & meditation
  • Reiki manual
  • Certificate
Access Bars Saskatoo with Michelle Miller

Reiki Advanced Level

  • Master Symbol
  • Spirit Release
  • Reiki Meditation
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Certificate
Saskatoon Reiki Level One

Reiki Master Level

During this Reiki Master Level Class you will receive:

  • 2 Tibetan symbols
  • Step-by-step reiki attunements
  • Healing attunement
  • Self attunement
  • Distant attunements
  • Sample certificates
  • Certificate
Michelle Miller SaskatoonAngel Therapy

Angel Connections

What would it mean to learn about the Angels? Do you believe in something greater than yourself? Did you know that we are not alone in "life"?

In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn to connect with the Angels and discover that we are never truly alone. They are here to help guide us and support us in our lives and in the lives of those we truly love!

We will discuss meditation and how simple it can truly be. As well we will connect with our Guardian Angels through meditation.

Learning how to do Angel card readings with each other can be rewarding and so much fun . Lots of time for practice and exchange is essential to building your confidence and trusting the process. This can also be a time to heal through messages given.

A brand new deck of angel cards and manual will be included with your workshop.

Michelle Miller Holistic Packages

Embracing The Archangels

This workshop is for the person who already has a good understand of the angelic realm. If you are a bit unsure than please send me a message and i can certainly help you decide if this fun class is for you !
We will learn about the 15 archangels and their specialties. Plus we will discuss the chakras and the crystals that help in healing those areas.
This is a fun and interactive workshop but it can also be very healing for you as well.

A manual and gift from the Archangels included with your workshop.


Chakra Balancing with Doterra Essential Oils Workshop

This full-day course will enhance your understanding of energetic medicine, as well as how emotional, spiritual, and energetic health is expressed in the physical body. You will learn the foundations of each individual chakra, as well as a powerful and effective technique for interpreting the state of the chakras, and how to perform a complete chakra balancing for yourself or a client.
Because of their purity and high vibration, essential oils are one of the most effective tools for opening and balancing chakras. We will be using specific doTERRA essential oils throughout the day.
The course fee is $225.00 and INCLUDES a sample kit of the oils needed as well as a pendulum. If you do not have an account with doTERRA and you wish to continue treatments after the course, please contact me regarding the purchase of the specific oils.