Soul Living Energy Therapy

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What is Soul Living Energy Therapy?

Welcome to Soul Living Energy Therapy, I am Michelle Miller, Member of the World Metaphysical Association, Reiki Master, Teacher and Holistic Practitioner specializing in Crystal Healing, Angel Work and Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy. I can always be found at my healing studio located  in the heart of Saskatoon. It is here I happily assist clients throughout Saskatchewan find deep healing while transforming their lives in profound and meaningful ways. I believe that when we align to our true potential the universe partners with us to bring our dreams to life.


I am happy to offer a number of holistic health care services to help you heal the root cause of what no-longer serves you so that you may embrace optimum health and well being in every aspect of your life.


I am happy to share the many insights I have gained on my healing journey with others by way of my classes. You will feel connected to other like minded individuals while gaining tools to help you, family, friends and clients move forward on their journey to self-mastery.

My Story

Every once and awhile we experience something in our lives that shakes us to our core, that depending on our view point or characteristics will give us a BIG AHA moment or shatter our souls. I discovered something meaningful out of what could have been perceived as something senseless.

After being married for 11 years I found myself to be a single mother of 4. On my own for some time I met and fell in love with a man who taught me what "true love" really was. After being together for 3 years he asked me to marry him. I thought I was in Heaven!

In January of 1999, just 10 days after we got engaged, he committed suicide. I had lost people in my life through death before but never had the experience been so devastating. Nothing could have prepared me for the grief I experienced, nor the grief of my children that I carried.

In my struggle to make sense of the senseless, I needed to know that he was not really lost. That he was still with me even if it was not in the physical form. During a conversation with a dear friend it was recommended that I read The Other Side And Back by Sylvia Browne. It was this book that ultimately propelled me on my journey to healing and where I am now. I devoured every book on the subject of life after death that I could get my hands on. I learned that I could "speak" to him whenever I wanted.

In my longing to learn as much as I could. I experienced my first mediumship reading in 2006 with a wonderful lady and renowned Psychic Medium Dorothea Delgado from Gainsville, Florida. She told me things that no one else could possibly know. She spoke of my fiancé who told her that "he was the reason that my current husband and I got together".

Thirsty for more I explored how I could help others who too desired to connect to loved ones on the other side. I desired to ease their pain as Dorothea Delgado had eased mine. I found someone with integrity with whom I could mentor under to sharpen my skills. I attended meditation workshops and worked with my Reiki Master. I took my first level of Reiki and a year later my second level. Each time I felt a greater connection to spirit and knew that this is exactly where I was meant to be.