In Gratitude

I am so very grateful and honored to receive such gracious praise from my clients. I am blessed.

With Gratitude Michelle




Michelle Miller Saskatoon“Michelle is such a gifted soul!! The energy and love that you feel in your body and your soul is simply amazing:). When your finished your session all a person can think of is when can you come back!!! Love, love, love her:):) “ –  Brenda, Lloydminster, Alberta

Michelle Miller Saskatoon“Words cannot express my gratitude to you, Michelle Miller, for your kind heart and loving guidance this weekend during your Advanced Reiki and Reiki Master classes. You shared your knowledge and insights with us and created a comfy learning space where it was easy to share our thoughts, ideas and experiences! You are an amazing teacher. Thank you so much for being you!! I’m so happy our paths have crossed!” – Patty, Warman, Saskatchewan

Michelle Miller Saskatoon“I have had the pleasure of having many sessions with Michelle and I always return to see her because the results are excellent! I gain results such as a revitalization of self and less strain in my neck and shoulders. Michelle is not only able to remove energy blockages, but she can connect with my angels and guides to give me messages. It is like getting a 2 for 1 deal! Michelle is a very gifted and an authentic practitioner that practices what she preaches. I so grateful to have her in my life. I highly recommend Michelle and am very pleased with her services.” – Sarah, Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Michelle Miller Saskatoon“Michelle is very gifted. She has done a couple healing sessions on me and they have been very powerful. The healing messages she gave me in the session were amazing. They were very accurate for what was going on in my life at the time. I received a lot of clarity and validation from my sessions with Michelle. I felt lighter and refreshed afterwards, she had done an excellent job to help me clear some of the attachments I was holding onto.” – Nicole, Grand Prairie, Alberta

Michelle Miller Saskatoon

“Michelle is an incredible mentor, and healer. If you’ve been thinking of seeing her for services or to take your reiki, I highly recommend her. Shes so loving and you can really tell she loves what she does! Thank you Michelle for being an amazing soul!” – Jennifer G., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Michelle Miller Saskatoon “The journey of healing continues to unfold blessings into the new days that rise and rest.” Michelle is an excellent teacher. I left with a better understanding of energy as a wholeness and a continuing interest to further my education on becoming a healer. Thank you.” – Christine, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Michelle Miller Saskatoon “I have been to Michelle a few times now and each time I felt like a weight had been lifted from my soul. In the hard times I have experienced she has helped me to reconnect with myself and find the answers I needed in order to push through to where I am now. Thank you Michelle for all of your help.” – Paige M., Watrous, Saskatchewan

Michelle Miller Saskatoon

“Absolutely amazing. I was dealing with hip and back pain due to energy imbalances.  After the session that pain was gone and I felt so light and connected with my soul and purpose.  Michelle knows how to create a safe space to heal with Spirit!” – Hailey, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan