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October Blessings
I love this photo!! And it holds true in so many of our realities. Many things are falling away, as there are new things being prepared behind the scenes. Some of you may find that what you used to believe, Do or honor is changing within you. Know that this is okay. Many of you have asked for “change” without really know what that is or what it looks like.  You seem to know that where you are doesn’t feel good anymore. Your soul is beginning to evolve and for some, this may feel uncomfortable. This will pass.. I do know that the universe has a plan for you, and this will look differently for everyone. Maybe you have been unhappy and looking for a change, maybe you have been ill , looking for better health, or maybe you are that person who feels that life has been good and are ready for something even better!!! The universe has been listening and is ready to conspire to help you 😉
So what do you do in the meantime? This may seem simple, yet it can be so powerful. While you are being an active participant in making your life better, make sure you set the intention that ” I would like “this” or something better” when you are focusing on that which you are looking for.  The other, is the be KIND to yourself in every way. I know that PATIENCE is a virtue, but while you creating this change in your life, it is important to take some quality time out just for you!Many  Blessings,

I am offering something special for you in October. 
The AromaTouch Technique (ATT) was developed by Dr. David K. Hill D.C. to provide people with an uplifting experience. The technique is a systematic application of essential oils to the back and feet, and provides profound benefits due to the specific oils used in combination with human touch. The technique uses only doTerra’s exceptional and unparalleled essential oils. Enjoy the benefits of AromaTouch to help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Fee: October Special!! $75.00

Save $25 Regular $100

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Upcoming Classes!
Assiniboia Reiki Level One and Two
Assiniboia Reiki Level One and Two
I have been invited to the lovely community of Assiniboia, Sask. to teach Reiki Level One and Two!!
Saturday October 14 and Sunday October 15.
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The Angel Basics Workshop!!
Friday October 27 ( 10 am – 6 pm)
Have you ever wanted to learn about the angelic realm? Have a greater understanding that we are not alone? That some of your experiences may indeed be real? This fun and interactive workshop is for you!! Plus i will teach you how to do angel card readings for yourself and friends. It really is THAT easy!!
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The Divine Archangels Workshop
Saturday October 28 ( 10 am – 6pm)
Would you like to be part of this fun and interactive workshop? Do you have some knowlege about the angelic realm? Then this is for you!  We will dig a little deeper into the Archangels and who they are. What their specialities are, as well as some chakra healing using crystals.
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Reiki Level One and Two
Saskatoon! Friday November 3 Saturday November 4 2017
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