May 2017


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Rebuilding your Soul
As we have said good-bye to winter and gratefully welcome spring, we have been known to become bright eyed and free of the long and everlasting winter months.  This new season feels a bit different in the sense that some of us are still not feeling “free” even though the sun shines, the birds sing and the flowers blossom.   There are some that are still feeling “bla” even amongst the new growth of a season.

In a conversation with a good friend of mine this morning, we shared that there still seems to be a lingering of unresolved circumstances in our lives that still like to make themselves known every now and again. lol.  Usually in the most inconvenient moments and for as uncomfortable as they may seem, that is how we know that some healing has yet to occur.  It’s like a trigger was set in place to remind us that we aren’t done with that “anger”, “resentment”,  “sadness” or that feeling of being “broken” like something just isn’t quite right –   that maybe there is something truly wrong with who we are.  Which in turn can hold us back from being that inspiration we need to be.

As we continued our conversation, it became apparent that as the years would go by these unresolved moments still lingered.  Even though they had technically been dealt with long before.  Somehow they managed to become buried deep within our soul. Then the “trigger” happened!  How frustrating to realize that these emotions come up! They will continue to rise until it gets your attention. Please don’t try to stuff it back down where it was hiding! It wants your attention, it wants to be healed.  It may feel as though you are rebuilding your soul. Find that person in your life, that therapist or healer that you trust to hold the space for you while you do some of this personal work. Invest in your life. Take the time to do the work that is required of you. Make the time and “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”!!

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Advanced and Master Level Reiki Classes
Saturday, May 27 & Sunday, May 28 (10am – 6pm)
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One on One Training
Have you always wanted to learn Reiki but the dates for Workshops never work with your schedule? I also offer one-on-one classes to help you to achieve your dream to learn Reiki.Are you ready to get started? Call me at 306-280-3822
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Reiki • Level One and Two
Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4 (10am to 6pm)
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Monthly Energy Healing Circle
Thursday May 11 • 6:30-9:30pm (McFarland House – 716 Queen Street)

If you are a healer and want to be part of a like-minded group, please contact me to pre-register for this event.
Call/Text: 306-280-3822

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